Your employment questions answered

From employee time-theft and expense claims, to federal labour strikes and changing remote work plans, the courts and employment lawyers alike have responded to a variety of issues impacting both employers and employees.

The importance of telling the truth at work

Successful, strong workplace connections are bound by implicit fidelity, honesty and trust.

We should care about Canada falling behind on return-to-work

As long as employees stay home week after week, resources, transit and infrastructure that we used to enjoy in our cities may begin to vanish before our very eyes.

Don Lemon special treatment skewers CNN company culture

For the uninitiated, Don Lemon, star anchor of CNN, was taken off air in February following comments that U.S. presidential candidate Nikki Haley “isn’t in her prime,” and doubled down when he expounded “A woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s, and maybe 40s.”

Misbehaving labour inspectors must be held accountable

A Ministry of Labour-led investigation reportedly uncovered a scheme where several labour inspectors claimed overtime for time spent eating and drinking coffee at restaurants with colleagues.

20-year employee’s deliberate misconduct leaves him terminated with no pay

Park managed inventory employees and also monitored inventory and sales, setting prices and negotiating with vendors. He had security access in several Costco systems and could edit the price and description of products. He earned $74,600 in the role.

Federal government weighs in on gig worker rights

According to the report, in 2020, 10% of Canadian workers were gig workers. The benefits of gig work is obvious — plenty of freedom and flexibility; but the downside is obvious too. Gig workers don’t have stable pay, no or low benefits, can often find it difficult to chase down payment for work done, and don’t have an obvious legal forum to have disputes resolved.

Your employment questions answered

March is a time of transition, of wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else; it’s a time to ponder the road never travelled. For many employees, it is also a time to start anew. A true spring rebirth, on the heels of sweeping restructuring across various sectors.

Tech workers should consider new job offers with care

The termination trend seemed to have gained momentum after the culling of employees at Twitter, including Amazon terminating 18,000 employees and another 12,000 terminated from Google.

Terminated employees may be entitled to much more than one month per year of service

After tumbling down a Google rabbit hole, most employees look for some standard by which to compare their offer on termination. In my experience, many employees typically come across law blogs touting that employees are entitled to (hopefully) a month per year of service.