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Your employment questions answered

From employee time-theft and expense claims, to federal labour strikes and changing remote work plans, the courts and employment lawyers alike have responded to a variety of issues impacting both employers and employees.

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Whether you’ve been terminated, laid off due to COVID or offered a new job, we can help you navigate it.
Covid has impacted the way we run our workplaces. Workly Law can help you find legal solutions to manage your most important asset, your workforce.
Looking to scale quickly? Workly Law can help you grow your workforce prudently while protecting the bottom line.

Our Services

Workly Law represents clients in all areas of employment and labour law. Whether you are an employer, employee or start-up company looking to create your workforce, Workly Law has the experience, resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals.


If you have been let go or laid off due to COVID-19 we can review your termination package and let you know if we can help.

COVID-19 Lay-offs

If you were let go or laid off during COVID-19 you may be entitled to wrongful dismissal damages or other benefits.

Discrimination and Harassment

If you have a bullying, harassment, #metoo or workplace violence claim, you have legal rights to protect you.

Legal Tool Kit

Workly Law has developed an easy to use template kit to organize your workforce. From employment agreements to workplace policies.

Flat Fee Billing

Workly Law offers flat fee billing for certain kinds of work to give you the predictability you need to run your business.

COVID-19 Solutions

Whether you are hiring or restructuring, Workly Law can help you create employee solutions that work.

About Us

Workly Law is your resource for all of your HR legal concerns.

Workly Law was founded by Sunira Chaudhri, an employment lawyer that has built an expertise in employment litigation over the last 10 years. First working at a leading litigation firm in Toronto and then a partner at one of Canada’s leading employment firms, Sunira is a frequent contributor to media outlets on issues of labour, employment and human rights.

Workly Law is your resource for all of your HR legal concerns.

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