If you have been let go, we can review your termination letter and advise you if you are entitled to more pay and work with you to get it.

COVID-19 lay-offs

If you were let go or laid off during COVID-19 you may be entitled to wrongful dismissal damages and other benefits. Contact Workly Law for a consultation.

Contract review

We can review and advise you on your existing or a new employment contract.

Your biggest asset is you. Let us help you navigate career transitions with a focus on keeping your reputation intact and your goals on track.

Workly Law represents employees in various areas including:
  • Terminations
  • COVID-19 lay-offs
  • Contract review
  • Employment offers
  • Constructive dismissals
  • Discrimination and human rights cases
  • Sexual harassment/bullying in the workplace
  • Employment litigation
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Partnership disputes
  • Managing the post employment relationship