If you have experienced the distressing situation of being let go from your employment, whether due to a layoff, termination, or any other reason, you can rely on our dedicated team of experienced employment law professionals at Workly Law to provide you with unwavering support and guidance throughout this challenging period. Our commitment to you begins by thoroughly reviewing your termination letter, analyzing its contents to assess whether you may have potential grounds for seeking additional compensation or benefits that you are rightfully entitled to. Should we determine that you have a valid claim, we will not only provide you with expert advice on your entitlements but also work diligently alongside you to advocate for and secure the fair and just pay you deserve.

COVID-19 lay-offs

If you were let go or subjected to a layoff during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to be aware of your legal rights and potential entitlements, including the possibility of pursuing rightful claims for wrongful dismissal damages and accessing various other benefits. At Workly Law, we understand the immense hardships faced by individuals during these uncertain times, which is why our dedicated team of employment law experts is here to provide you with compassionate guidance and comprehensive legal support. By contacting us for a consultation, we can assess the specific circumstances surrounding your termination or layoff, meticulously examining the details to determine the validity of your potential claims.
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Your biggest asset is you. Let us help you navigate career transitions with a focus on keeping your reputation intact and your goals on track.

Workly Law represents employees in various areas including:
  • Terminations
  • COVID-19 lay-offs
  • Contract review
  • Employment offers
  • Constructive dismissals
  • Discrimination and human rights cases
  • Sexual harassment/bullying in the workplace
  • Employment litigation
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Partnership disputes
  • Managing the post employment relationship