Startup legal tool kit

Workly Law takes pride in offering startups a comprehensive solution with our user-friendly template kit, designed to streamline and organize various aspects of your business. Trust Workly Law to empower your startup with the tools necessary to establish solid foundations and navigate the intricacies of employment law. Simplify the process and ensure compliance with our carefully curated template kit, developed with startups like yours in mind.

COVID-19 Integration

As you work on building and growing your business amid the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, Workly Law is here to offer you comprehensive support, equipping you with invaluable advice and essential tools necessary to ensure compliance with both safety regulations and legal requirements in the workplace. We understand the unique considerations and uncertainties you face during these unprecedented times, which is why our dedicated team of experienced employment law professionals is committed to guiding you through the intricacies of navigating workplace safety measures and the ever-evolving legal landscape.
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In order to scale, your start-up needs to be flexible and nimble when it comes to employee growth. We can help provide you with resources to help you expand your team while protecting the bottom line.

Workly Law provides the following services to start-up companies:
  • Startup legal tool kit
  • Creation of employment contracts and hiring letters;
  • Consultation on employee incentive plans;
  • Consultation on employee legislation and Ministry of Labour requirements;
  • Creation of workplace and remote work policies;
  • Representation with respect to employment litigation