Mike Babcock’s resignation should not end investigation

Resignations fail to impose consequences and often absolve bad actors from accountability

Jordan Peterson’s case presents issues all professionals need to consider

Peterson sought a judicial review of the decision at the Superior Court of Justice before a panel of three judges. His case was dismissed and Peterson has been ordered to pay the college $25,000 in costs. Peterson has publicly denounced the court decision.

Botched investigation leads court to award employee $50,000 in bad faith damages

Relying blindly on external investigators can be a safety net full of holes.

Electronic monitoring of employees hot button issue

In fact, the union says they only became aware of the geolocation tracking by accident during a disclosure process where CN had to disclose why it was disciplining a worker.

Upcoming HR trends to watch out for

In preparing for a talk I am giving to over 200 HR professionals next week, I have spent the last few weeks thinking about where employment law is headed.

Employer bans of AI at work are being ignored

According to Reuters, 28% of employees admitted they regularly use ChatPGT at work. But 10% of those polled admit their employers explicitly banned AI tools in the workplace. And 25% of respondents were unaware if their companies permitted use of artificial intelligence at all.

Trucker’s arbitration case shows how unions can fail us

As one would expect, the driver was terminated after the crash was reported. What will surprise you, though, is that according to a recent article by The Canadian Press, the driver grieved her termination and was successful in getting her job back.

Is Canada headed to a fall full of lay-offs?

Some experts believe it’s just a matter of time until we see mass terminations of Canadian employees.

AI is already eating your lunch

This week, the founder of an indian AI company, Dukaan, announced on Twitter, “We had to layoff 90% of our support team because of this AI chatbot.”

Why work culture matters

Just a few hours into our retreat I quickly realized that while I work with these people everyday, and see them more than I see most, we rarely shed the heaviness of our work obligations, even for a moment, to connect as people.