OpenAI’s new tools will shake up employment world

Using AI in the employment world could provide a competitive edge but it may also have unsavoury consequences.

What employees and employers should know as 2024 terminations begin

Nonetheless, thousands of Canadians are being impacted by 2024 terminations and there are some key considerations for both employers and employees to mull over during this time.

Employee proves constructive dismissal in court following COVID layoff

Financial hardship is no excuse for the arbitrary stripping down of roles or reduction of compensation plans.

Bank of Montreal takes swift action on discriminatory complaints

By falling on its sword, BMO signals the bank’s internal image is as important as its external image.

Rare Ontario case where cause for termination upheld

Too often, we minimize the importance of telling the truth, especially when it comes to employment relationships.

What resolutions should employers make this year?

The recent case of Kavita Lefebvre and Gisborne Holdings Ltd. provides some remarkable guidance for employers to build a robust resolutions list this year.

Artificial intelligence greatest employment trend in 2023

Dictador, a Polish rum producer, has hired Mika to be the world’s first AI robot CEO of a global company.

Short service employees achieving staggering results in court

Most employers reading this column would likely agree two weeks is a reasonable payout to an extremely short service employee like Grimaldi. But what played out in court was a very different story.

Aggressive litigation tactics fail employer in court

It is rarely the right time for take-down, tear-down tactics when it comes to employees.

Beverage company appoints robot as ‘AI CEO’

But hiring a robot to for a leadership position presents some obvious issues.